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We are grateful for the testimonials, comments and letters we receive. Below are what a few patients have to say about the care received at Scottsdale Ear Nose and Throat. These testimonials and online reviews are big part of our practice.  New patients rely on what others have to say about us. We welcome your feedback, please use the nearby feedback button to let us know about your care.

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I just wanted to say thank you for being so kind and helping me through my procedure. I feel amazing now! Dr. Heiland, you and your staff are amazing and my husband and I couldn’t thank you enough!

Maigon Lang

You Performed an in-office exam and procedure that, in your words, saved me from surgery. You removed two polyps and treated me for a fungal sinus infection. You probably do not recall, but I laughing at the time – and was beyond impressed with your skill and mannerism. It was a delight to be in your chair as a patient. You saw me again almost 10 months later as I suffered through a period of my life where I learned that I have a cavernous malformation in my brain. I was not laughing. I was crying at the time, expecting to have a stroke or seizure any day…your Rx was to gon on vacation, and you called Dr. Agnone on my behalf. Hecalled me that day too…and told me to go on vacation. I wanted to let you know that indeed, we went on vacation. You, sir, make a difference in the lives of people and you made a difference in my life. I am very thankful for you and your care. It was a delight to be in your chair.

Mitch Scottsdale

I’ve completely adjusted to hearing again. It’s amazing! I don’t remember how it was to no hear. Love the sound of running water, tic-toc of the turn signal in the car, the puppies walking on the tile and other wonderful sounds of everyday living. I was worried when the hearing loss in my left ear registered 70% loss and would not work with a hearing aid. The device I’m wearing is beyond amazing. Although the device in my left ear is not a hearing aid, I’m “hearing” so well in that ear. The fact that two devices are talking to each other is a mystery I’ll never understand and I don’t care. We’ve even taking the captions off the TV. We’ve said thank you, but to be sure, Thank you.

Jane & Frances McVey

Your assessment of my problem and your surgical removal of the infected bark has had the effect of enhancing the quality of my life. Thank you! Several months ago I has an appointment with Internist, Dr. Frank A. Agnone, for the purpose of discussing with him what had become almost a chronic condition. I was experiencing hot flashes and/or chills on a weekly basis. I also had several periodic lung infections that required antibiotics. After asking me numerous questions, Dr. Agnone recommended to me that I should make an appointment so see you. In fact, I believe he called your office and made an appointment for me to see you as soon as you were available. Within a couple days I was at your office. You conducted a most thorough examination of my sinuses, including x-rays, using a piece of cylindrical equipment that I believe took x-rays of all my sinuses from every side. You then advised me that my sinuses contained what you described as bark that most likely contained some infection that was transferring from my sinuses to my lungs, thus causing the symptoms and infection as described above. After treatments of suctioning my sinuses with no acceptable results, you advised me the only way to remove the bark was by surgery. The manner in which you explained my dilemma made it easy for me to agree with your recommendation of surgical removal of the bark which was performed by you shortly thereafter. Subsequent to the surgery, I no longer have had any hot flashes, chills, or any infection in my lungs. Therefore, it has not been necessary for me to take any antibiotics and be subjected to the unpleasant side effects of them.

Delbert E. Willsey

I wanted to send you a simple expression of my thanks. Thank you for your kindness and all of your help. You Rock!

Angie Ramirez

Kami, You are the most efficient doctor’s office I have ever experienced. On time. Follow-up phone calls. Terrific care. Everything was terrific except the needles. I appreciate all the help, and you are free to use this compliment on your website. I appreciate all the care. Thank You.

Leo Beus

Any time I have called or been in your office I get treated with kindness and concern, and nothing but help and suggestions! In this day and age this is rare. Usually I’m ignored and told to call back in ten days if it’s not better, before anyone has even seen me. So from the bottom of my heart… I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate everyone there!

Marilee Williams

Debra, I want to thank you for introducing me to the new Phonak hearing aids that I have been trying out for the last two weeks. I am hearing sounds that I have been missing out on for the last few years. I am especially pleased to be able to watch and enjoy TV without having to rely on closed captioning any more. I am really pleased and recommend the use these aids to anyone that wants to have me rave about them.

George Beall

Dr. Heiland is one of the very few doctors I trust implicitly, and he and his staff are very friendly and attentive. Although my medical needs are normally provided by the V.A., I am glad to pay out-of-pocket, and drive across town, for the peace of mind Dr. Heiland gives me.

Kit Parker