So lovely to see you again…

Yes, yes, we all know February is the month of love. No need to make a song and dance about it…or is there?

See, at Scottsdale ENT, we’re quite the romantics, especially when it comes to our patients’ hearing, nose, and throat needs, as we want to ensure that you actually hear the sweet nothings, as well as be able to whisper them!

With that said, if you or your loved one has experienced any changes to your hearing lately, or your balance hasn’t been that great, then perhaps Valentine’s, of all times, is the best excuse to get it checked out, as it’s important to love yourself, too. 

Schedule an appointment with us now and let us show you some love. 

Thanks and Warm Wishes to:

Dr. Kenneth J. Russo, MD

The wonderful Dr. Russo is retiring this month, with his last day in the office being February 20 2020. 

On behalf of all of the team at Scottsdale ENT we want to wish Kenneth a happy, relaxed and peaceful retirement and to thank him for his hard work and dedication over the years. 

From all of us…….we will miss you! Enjoy every moment of your retirement. 


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Let’s Have A Hearing Health Tip Shall We?

As this is the month of love, you may be considering taking your loved one out for a bit of fine dining. However, finding a quiet restaurant can be a challenge.

If you have a hearing loss, tinnitus, or a sensory disorder, too much noise can make your symptoms worse. If your hearing is good, what impact will lots of noise have on it?  

But now there is an app that can help you out. The app can identify local restaurants and cafes that are gentler on the ears. Here’s more detail:

Soundprint: View a map of local restaurants along with their sound decibel rating. You can also test the decibel levels at the restaurant you’re at to see if the environment is too loud. Share your findings by uploading them to the app. To find out more and to download, click here.  

A Kind Gift To Us?

We’re always so happy when a patient tells us they’ve had a great experience with us.

If you’ve recently had a positive experience with us, then we’d love it if you could pop over to our website and leave us a review – you might encourage someone else to get their hearing checked, too!


And That’s All For Now

Thank you for taking the time to read our newsletter – we hope it’s been useful to you.

As a reminder, Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat specialists are on your side. If you have any concerns about your family’s ear, nose, & throat health, book an appointment by calling us at (480) 684-1080, or click the button below.

Until next month, 

From all of us here, we wish you lots of love this Valentine’s!

The Scottsdale ENT team

Oh, one more thing before you go…

Are you aware that at Scottsdale ENT, we offer head and neck surgery by Phoenix’s top doctors?

This ground-breaking procedure allows you to avoid or decrease the intensity of radiation therapy, lessening the side effects of traditional treatment, with benefits including no tracheostomy, shorter hospital stays, and fewer complications.

To find out more info on this and book a consultation, click here.


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Dr. Debra L. Hamila, Au.D., CCC/A

Dr. Debra L. Hamila, Au.D., CCC/A

Debra Hamila received her master’s degree in audiology from Cleveland State University and her Au.D. from Arizona School of Health Sciences and has been a practicing audiologist for more than 33 years. She has worked in a variety of ENT offices, hospital and clinical settings.