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  • Danielle Dus Avatar
    Danielle Dus
    positive review 

    It was a bit of an emergency and they got us in ASAP. They were kind & understanding. He is already doing better just hours later. So grateful for them.

  • Al Dudney Avatar
    Al Dudney

    All I can say is that staff and Doctors are the best they go over everything with you and most of all they lesson to you say and answer all question.

  • Sergio Trujillo Avatar
    Sergio Trujillo

    Very helpful. Service was great.

  • Brad Smith Avatar
    Brad Smith

    Great docs, billing is a bit rough

  • Richard N. Avatar
    Richard N.
    5 star rating

    Dr Heiland is the best ENT in the valley.

    Uses Culture directed therapy approach for chronic sinusitis. Doesn't prescribe strong antibiotics unless they are actually needed, which keeps antibiotic resistance to a minimum.
    PA J. Kramer is extremely thorough, and really takes the time to go over everything in great detail and answer questions.
    Have a CT machine in the office

    Couldn't be happier with the service there.