YOUR Hearing & Balance specialists

If you’re concerned that you’re experiencing the initial signs of hearing loss or you’ve noticed that you’re feeling dizzy and that you’re losing your balance frequently, then it may be a sign of a vestibular or hearing challenge.

At Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat – our team of Doctors specialize in hearing and balance with our state-of-the-art facilities.

From conducting hearing assessments in order to help our patients find the right form of treatment, to being one of just four clinics in Arizona to have the advanced computerized rotary chair for diagnosing dizziness, you’ll be in the best hands in Phoenix.

How We Can Help

Comprehensive Hearing Testing for all ages

Peace of mind is a beautiful thing, and that’s exactly what we give you during your hearing test.

Checking to see if everything is as it should be, our highly trained audiologists are the best people to advise a course of treatment should you need it.

Having your hearing evaluated is quick and painless, and it can diagnose your hearing effortlessly.

If you believe you’re experiencing signs of hearing loss, then we highly encourage you to schedule your appointment today.

LEADING Technology

With the progression of technology, hearing aids have drastically changed from the large clunky devices that they once were.

Today, they’re mostly invisible and boast incredible technology.

If we discover that you require hearing aids in order to benefit your hearing, then we’ll work with you to find the right fit, the right style, and the right budget to suit your lifestyle.

With a range of options available to you, you’ll sit down with our audiologist to choose the right option for you in a pressure-free, friendly environment.


If you hear a constant ringing sound in your ears, then it may be a sign of tinnitus.

Ringing sounds are a very common complaint and in most cases it is indicative of a hearing loss as a result of noise exposure or the normal ageing process.

Although there is no actual cure for tinnitus, there are numerous ways that it can be successfully managed.

Balance and vestibular testing

Hearing and balance are interrelated, as both are controlled within the inner ear. If you are experiencing balance difficulties, vertigo, and/or disequilibrium, our audiologists will work closely with our ENT doctors to pinpoint the cause and best treatment options.

We provide hallmark diagnostic testing for dizzy and gait challenged patients, such as electrocochelography (ECochG), auditory brainstem response (ABR), videonystagmography (VNG), computerized dynamic posturography (CDP), and computerized rotational chair testing.


This advanced test allows us to determine whether or not dizziness may be due to a disorder of the inner ear or brain, and particularly to determine whether or not both inner ears are impaired at the same time.

During testing, you will sit in a motorized chair that swivels side-to-side at a controlled rate. From this test, we’re able to test three things. The chair test measures your dizziness, the optokinetic test measures dizziness caused by the viewing of moving stripes, and the fixation test measures nystagmus while you’re being rotated.

We are one of just four clinics in the entire state of Arizona that offers this advanced form of testing.


Computerized Dynamic Posturography

This advanced non-invasive specialized clinical assessment evaluates how well you are able to use your inner ears, eyes, and the body’s muscle and joints in order to maintain your balance.

During CDP testing, you will stand on a force-sensing support surface, within a moveable visual surround. These tests will determine how well you can maintain your balance under different conditions, designed to determine the source of your balance problems.