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Mark Manfre Avatar
Mark Manfre
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Dr MacKechnie is awsome, the whole staff is great. Highly recommend this office should you have the need.

trevor brennan Avatar
trevor brennan
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Dr Heiland and staff are the best! I remember
when Kami was Dr Heiland MA! Dr Heiland save my life in 2001 from a cholesteatoma. I like the audioligists on staff.

Jan G. Avatar
Jan G.
5 star rating
- Yelp

I had my annual ENT appointment today 3/31/21 and I wanted to share what a positive experience it always is. The 2 women at the front desk are always pleasant and professional. Dr. MacKechnie is very thorough and caring and I always look forward to meeting with Debra Hamila, my Audiologist. I have been a patient for over 4 years and cannot say enough about this caring, professional staff.

Janet G., Scottsdale

Bill Hare Avatar
Bill Hare
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Doctor Heiland has been my ear nose and throat physician for 21 years since March of 2000. At that time I was diagnosed with stage 3 advanced squamous cancer of the neck and base of tongue. His aggressive treatment is the main reason that I am alive today
Without his professional and knowledgeable treatment of my cancer I would have died many years ago
His bedside manner is as.good as it gets. I'm grateful he has been my doctor
Bill.Hare Cave Creek AZ

Bill H. Avatar
Bill H.
5 star rating
- Yelp

D.Heiland has been my ear nose and throat physician for 21 years since March of 2000. At that time I was diagnosed with stage 3 advanced squamous cancer of the neck and base of tongue. His aggressive treatment is the main reason that I am alive today
Without his professional and knowledgeable treatment of my cancer I would have died many years ago
His bedside manner is as.good as it gets. I'm grateful he has been my doctor
Bill.Hare Cave Creek AZ

Darwin Barnes Avatar
Darwin Barnes
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Such a great staff here, hard to find a Christian based office now days. They were so kind to my wife who has a formal of vertigo that on 5% of people get.

Dan B. Avatar
Dan B.
5 star rating
- Yelp

I have been here as a patient for nearly 5 years, and they are wonderful to work with. The staff is very careful these days with all patients to ensure there is minimal contact and patients are treated with professionalism and respect. I highly recommend this office!

Nora W. Avatar
Nora W.
5 star rating
- Yelp

I have been going to Scottsdale ENT for years. Originally I was referred to Dr Heiland. He's an amazing doctor... But he does book up fast, so when I had a issue that I could not wait for him I discovered Dr MACKECHNIE! She is amazing and also very through. I have never had any trouble with the front office. Like All doctors offices they can sometimes get busy, but when I've had an emergency they've always made room for me to get seen.

William S. Avatar
William S.
5 star rating
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Came here after suffering ear syndrome in another state and got seen pretty quickly. Dr and the practioner were very thorough and professional. I also had follow up hearing tests which revealed my diagnoses. The Dr. Also suggested I get a full blood work up from other symptoms that I was exhibiting during my exam. I went back to my regular Dr and had a full blood work up that I would not have had competed if not for the recommendation of Dr. Heiland. I was later admitted to the hospital for further testing and diagnosed with an auto-immune syndrome. I also had excellent follow up appointments at this clinic and my ear issues are almost 100% back to normal. Would recommend thi clinic for any ear nose and throat issues.

Yvonne P. Avatar
Yvonne P.
5 star rating
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I highly recommend Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat. First off, upon arrival, your temperature is taken and distancing in the waiting room is followed. Any staff you come into contact with are friendly and knowledgeable. Waiting time for your appointment is minimal and any required pre testing that can be performed onsite is very thorough and completed by a friendly, knowledgeable professional staff member. The Otolaryngologist I saw, Dr. Kurt Heiland, for throat and ears quickly became a favorite doctor. He was not only kind and gentle, but he performed testing on his own to confirm pre testing results. I was one of the luckier patients. I required no further procedures for my throat or ears. However, I would have been comfortable following any of Dr. Heiland's recommendations . I did purchase a great book he recommended for acid reflux. As previously stated, I highly recommend Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat for any and all your ENT needs.

Deanna J. Avatar
Deanna J.
5 star rating
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From the front desk to the assistants to Dr Heiland, everyone is so caring and kind. My choice for anything ENT.

Riley Pickett Avatar
Riley Pickett
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Dr. Hiland was amazing. He was very kind and gentle. The surgery went very well. I was in a lot of pain from the splints, but other than that it went very well. The removal of the splints was also very painless. I took a pain med before so that helped. I will definitely refer my friends to him if they need to get their nose checked. Thank y'all for being so sweet to me. -Riley Pickett

Dale Van Avatar
Dale Van
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Unfortunately - I'm a lifetime award winner for allergy/sinus issues, which in many cases, requires short-term assistance from experienced professionals. I called Dr. Heiland's office and secured an appointment within 48 hours. Bridget (PA) and the audiologist were both superb. They listened to my issues and concerns - thanks to their efforts, I'm a path to recovery, and would freely recommend this office.

Rolf C Avatar
Rolf C
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I am very pleased with the treatment and service I received from Scottsdale Ear, Nose and Throat. Physical Therapist / Doctor who helped me was very attentive to the unique challenges I faced and tailored a customized treatment plan that helped me feel comfortable and allowed me the flexibility to progress at my own pace. I would highly recommend you to anyone who needs this type of treatment.

Joanne McCurdy Avatar
Joanne McCurdy
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Very caring physicians and staff and when you have Meniere's Disease that is so important. It is very easy to get an appointment or phone call when you are having an issue.
Plus Debbie is the best audiologist I have met in my 40 years of nursing.
I live in Surprise AZ and have no problem traveling cross town to receive the care I have received from this practice.

Carolyn J. Avatar
Carolyn J.
5 star rating
- Yelp

After two years of having spotty hearing in my right ear, I finally went to Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat (while on vacation). I was treated by Dr. Heiland and his team. They were all phenomenal and I received my full hearing back in the one visit. They did thorough testing before and after my exam. I can't say enough about them and recommend this Dr. and team highly.

mandy B. Avatar
mandy B.
5 star rating
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Dr Heiland is a phenomenal doctor and human being. He saved my life many years ago diagnosing a terrible infection and treating me quickly and with response to the urgency of the situation.

His staff are professional and caring and the audiologist was kind and patient and beyond helpful in explaining much to me.

I'm so thankful for this superior practice!!!

Joyce Davis Avatar
Joyce Davis
- Google

Dr. Heilman and staff are wonderful. I finally have answers and a plan for improvement in my health!

Thank you so much. I am confident in the course of treatment and look forward to getting back to better help!

Danielle Dus Avatar
Danielle Dus
positive review 
- Facebook

It was a bit of an emergency and they got us in ASAP. They were kind & understanding. He is already doing better just hours later. So grateful for them.

Neil J. Avatar
Neil J.
5 star rating
- Yelp

5 stars is my experience. I did wait but this guy is busy because he is good. Have realistic expectations or find a doc that just rushes people through and don't wait. I will wait for my appointment and get good help. Clinic staff was very nice and helpful.

Shayne A. Avatar
Shayne A.
5 star rating
- Yelp

I love this Dr Office! They are very nice and professional people and make sure you walk away very knowledgeable and are available if you have any questions down the road!

Nancy Paravicini Avatar
Nancy Paravicini
positive review 
- Facebook

I have developed a wonderful relationship with Debra at this practice, and am the grateful owner of a new pair of Resounds hearing aides. Fit well, can hear so much better. So glad Bob and I saw their ad in the Arizona Republic

JR Fortenberry Avatar
JR Fortenberry
positive review 
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I just have to share that I've had the best doctor and front office experience at Scottsdale ENT than I've ever had at any doctor's office. Both Dr. MacKechnie and Dr. Hamila have been awesome. After a bad overall experience with another ENT office in Phoenix, Dr. Hamila suggested I may want to try a different brand of hearing aids. I agreed to give them a try and Wow! I am so happy I did! My new hearing aids are like comparing a Cadillac to a Yugo! Thank you all at Scottsdale ENT!

Al Dudney Avatar
Al Dudney
positive review 
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All I can say is that staff and Doctors are the best they go over everything with you and most of all they lesson to you say and answer all question.

Brandoɲ Gɲaƭeẞis Avatar
Brandoɲ Gɲaƭeẞis
positive review 
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Dr. Kurt Heiland and PA Julie Kramer helped me in my time of need. I had swollen tonsils, adenoids, and a deviated septum. I had gone two months of getting no sleep because of how badly swollen the tonsils would block my airway passages. I went in for surgery a year ago today, and I am so glad to have it done. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can not thank you two enough for helping me get better.

Rose Segovia Avatar
Rose Segovia
- Facebook

Dr Heiland and staff are above the rest. He is the only ENT I trust. Highly recommend him.

Donita McGlasson Avatar
Donita McGlasson
positive review 
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Dr. Cheryl MacKechnie is excellent to work with. She performed my surgery this month and was very responsive and available to me afterwards when I had questions / concerns. I would definitely recommend Dr. MacKechnie!

Master P. Avatar
Master P.
4 star rating
- Yelp

Dr. Heiland is very, very knowledgeable and direct and he offers practical solutions to resolve chronic issues. One of the best decisions I've made for my health was to visit Dr. Heiland. Comment about bedside manner: I would have had no complaints after my visit but I had an emergency phone conversation and he was more than impatient which was disappointing. I still highly recommend him but just know that he can be gruff at times which is not the easiest to digest when one is sick.

Mike S. Avatar
Mike S.
5 star rating
- Yelp

If you are looking for people who care, Dr. Heiland and his incredible staff at Scottsdale ENT are who you need to call. Ear, Nose, Throat or Audiology Care that will help you understand the medical plan and solution. Just a great team that offers amazing patient care.

Todd C. Avatar
Todd C.
5 star rating
- Yelp

Just had my stints removed from a septoplasty surgery with Dr Heiland today and was very happy with the results.

Beginning with the Nurse Practitioner Julie was very professional and informative. Then, working with Kami in case the insurance would not potentially cover the final 20% of the bill. Next, with Dr Heiland and his patience and availability to answer all my questions - even the anesthesiologist called before the surgery asking if I had any questions. Most of all, I truly appreciated Dr Heiland's conservative approach to medicine to not over prescribe or over treat. We are all better off consequently.

I was completely satisfied with my total experience and look forward to a life of better breathing and sleeping. Thank you all for the experience.

Crystal M. Avatar
Crystal M.
5 star rating
- Yelp

Such helpful staff and Dr. Heiland's Assistant Julie Kramer is the most amazing person ever. She's brutally honest, yet extremely caring and will check your imaginary "issue" numerous times until she gets it through your head that you are OKAY. She's extremely thorough and explains everything in detail. In the same breath she has a stellar sense of humor. Great 1st experience at Valley ENT.

Richard N. Avatar
Richard N.
5 star rating
- Yelp

Dr Heiland is the best ENT in the valley.

Uses Culture directed therapy approach for chronic sinusitis. Doesn't prescribe strong antibiotics unless they are actually needed, which keeps antibiotic resistance to a minimum.
PA J. Kramer is extremely thorough, and really takes the time to go over everything in great detail and answer questions.
Have a CT machine in the office

Couldn't be happier with the service there.

Daniel F. Avatar
Daniel F.
5 star rating
- Yelp

Valley ENT Staff and Dr. Heiland have given me and my family the best medical care ever!! I highly recommend them!
The first time I walked in the door they made me feel like I was a VIP. The front office staff was very friendly and professional. Kami, the office manager, was so nice and caring and answered all my questions and concerns. She always has a smile and a kind word..! She handled the scheduling of my surgery and took care of the insurance company flawlessly.
The medical care I received from PA, Julie Kramer was out of this world. She is amazing..... She takes the time to discuss every detail of your care. She listens to all of your concerns and needs and never makes you feel like you asked a dumb question. Her skills with a scope and suction are second to none. Dr. Heiland is so fortunate to have her as his assistant.
Dr. Heiland is a great doctor and surgeon. My whole experience was a complete life style change. He has given me back my breathing, smell, taste and quality of life.
Healthcare should model itself after Valley ENT and Dr. Heiland.

Kay M. Avatar
Kay M.
5 star rating
- Yelp

So happy I was sent to Dr Heiland!
Before I was in bad shape. I had so many things going on with my sinuses. It was to the extremely I could no longer smell nor taste my food. This had been going in for over 2 years. I appreciate the fact he tried a couple things but jumping right to surgery. Unfortunately surgery was our only option. 2 1/2 years post surgery and I'm still breathing through my nose, tasting and smelling better than ever! Office staff and Dr. Heiland are all awesome! I'd highly recommend him to anyone!

Rachel H. Avatar
Rachel H.
5 star rating
- Yelp

Over the past two months, I have seen Dr. Heiland twice and I am SO glad that I did.

Back Story:
I had been insanely ill for two weeks with what I thought was a cold. After realizing that my throat was oddly swollen on one side, I went to the Walgreens clinic and was diagnosed with a "mystery infection". 10 days of antibiotics later, the infection hadn't gone away. I was recommended to Valley ENT by a friend and the first time I called, I spoke with Lauren.

Lauren was incredibly pleasant and encouraging during this first call. My insurance had lapsed after I was laid off, and I was stuck needing a doctor with no insurance. Lauren encouraged me to have COBRA reinstate my insurance, but told me that in the mean time, the first office visit would be $250 (which covered all procedures done in office). Of course, that sounded steep, so I said I would think about it.

That night, my fever spiked to 102-- the next day, I called Lauren back, begging for an appointment. The doctor who I was originally referred to (whose name I can't remember) was unavailable, but Lauren said she could get me in THAT DAY with Dr. Heiland. I happily took the appointment.

First Appointment: Sept 4th
My boyfriend drove me to the Valley ENT office for my 3 o'clock appointment. We ended up waiting for a full hour before I was seen. Of course, I was unhappy (and sick) about this, but I often expect to wait in doctor's offices. During our wait, we checked out the massive fish tank. The office staff offered us bottles of water and magazines and apologized for the wait.

I was called back and the medical assistant (I think) escorted me into the exam room. She was nice, took my temperature and got some details from me. Dr. Heiland came in shortly thereafter and all I can say is wow.

Let me list out the reasons I was so impressed:
1. Dr. Heiland sat down, away from the computer, with a pen and pad of paper. He said that he had read over my chart, but wanted me to describe to him what had been going on. I'm a SUPER detailed person, so I rattled off the whole story. Dr. Heiland scrawled notes the whole time, asked me more detailed questions, and even included my boyfriend in the conversation. His full attention given to me the whole time. Awesome. He even had a sense of humor, which is always welcome.
1a. When Dr. Heiland had to examine me, he informed me that I had nice ears and teeth and that my nasal cavity curved to the left. This entire exchange was really fun/funny-- and totally nerdy. Two thumbs up.
2. Dr. Heiland was really knowledgeable about all things ear-nose-and throat (and it was clear). He explained that I had an infected lymph node, why it was making me feel the way it was, what we would do if it got better, and what we would do if it didn't.
3. At no point during our encounter was I lost in "doctor jargon". If anything was unclear, and either my boyfriend or myself asked, Dr. Heiland would explain more in detail. Not at all condescending, but completely helpful.
4. When giving me another 3 week dose of antibiotics, Dr. Heiland recommended a brand of probiotic pills and Activia yogurt to help my system. He even prescribed an anti-fungal in advance, in case it became an issue. This made me feel like he was really considering my whole body/looking at the big picture.
5. I got all of this great service DESPITE my not having insurance. He also encouraged me to get COBRA, as if we needed to remove the lymph node, it would be expensive-- but he didn't make me feel bad about not having insurance. Kind and supportive all around.

Our appointment lasted at least an hour, if not more. The entire staff stayed after the office had closed, because we were the last patients to leave. They didn't rush us out, everyone was so nice. We were blown away.

Initially, I deducted 1 star from my review for the hour wait, but when I realized how much time and attention Dr. Heiland dedicated to each patient, I added the star back, because no one likes being rushed, and it is important to really HEAR your patients.

Second Appointment: October 4th @ 2.
My infection had resolved itself, thank goodness! I went in for a follow up appointment just to verify. My appointment was at 2, but again, we didn't see Dr. Heiland until later (shrug). Once we did, Dr. Heiland was really nice and funny, as usual. The visit/exam was only about 10 minutes. He did explain precautions/what to do in the future, but it was an in and out kind of office experience.

Perhaps the best part was that when my boyfriend and I left the exam room, the two medical assistants AND the office staff stood up and shouted "Yay!" and clapped for my lack of infection. It was seriously adorable.

I maintain 5 stars for this entire situation, despite the tardiness. I really valued being listened to and being treated like a whole person. I think it's great that Dr Heiland's whole office team are so nice. I like EVEN MORE that he treated my infection and it went away. Thanks Valley ENT!

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You don’t realise you’re walking with a rock in your shoe until you’re able to hear again – Regina’s Story

Regina has suffered from hearing problems since she was an infant, recognized as regular chronic ear infections. And, as with unfortunate events, she has experienced a multitude of audiology catastrophes.

It was many years before Regina crossed paths with Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat; where her lifetime of hearing problems was addressed effectively and treated with the delicate care that she desperately required.

Regina’s journey began when she was taken to a regular paediatrician by her mother from a young age. Her ears were, what we describe as an audiologists recipe for disaster, ‘flushed out’.

This dangerous procedure caused a nasty infection, which spread to her mastoid bone and, at the age of 15, she underwent a tympanoplasty mastoidectomy to stop the infection spreading. This only forbade her future struggles with hearing loss. 

As with poor diagnosis, Regina was faced with another canaloplasty which didn’t work. Soon after, she received a BAHA, which is a cochlear implant in her skull that acts as a sound processor that detects sound and transforms it into vibrations. 

However, suffering from a history of poor hearing care, she was unaware of the former issues her ear presented.

By now, this would be described as any audiologists nightmare. But, we’re proud to have helped Regina on her road to optimum hearing and reconnect her to her loved ones.

When she arrived at Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat it was evident that she was losing hearing on her right side. At this point, she was fitted with a ReSound hearing device, which provided the catalyst to a new and improved hearing.

The first thing Regina noticed was the indefinite sound she had been making whilst emptying the dishwasher, completely unaware of the noise she was making!

“I mean, the detail that I can hear now it’s like, Whoa, I didn’t realize I was making that much noise. I need to be quieter!”

Treated with professional care, Regina received a comprehensive hearing assessment with Dr. Debra Hamila.

“I just love, love, love Dr. Hamila, she is such a professional and loving person. I was so impressed with the office and what she did with the ReSound, I just love her.”

Like many others, it takes years for people to realize they have a hearing problem. Regina described this moment as life-changing.

“You don’t realise you’re walking with a rock in your shoe until you’re able to hear again. Especially now I’m a full-time Grammy Nanny, I can hear so much more and it has enriched my life incredibly.”

What advice would you give to someone who is deliberating on taking the first step towards better hearing?

“My advice to them would be to have a hearing test. Especially as we age our hearing goes down. It’s really unfortunate that people carry their pride and are not willing to learn to walk with the rock in their shoe. You don’t realise you’re waking with a rock in your shoe until you’re able to hear again.”

Regina is one of many patients who has been impacted by our audiological services and we are proud to have been able to provide the tool towards better hearing and a lifetime of many more memories.