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Brian G Avatar
Brian G
I almost canceled my appointment yesterday due to the reviews. that would have been a huge mistake. I found Dr Heiland to be very personable, knowledgeable, friendly, and just a downright good guy. I can't remember ever feeling so comfortable with a Dr before. the previous negative reviews are complete junk in my opinion. I have nothing negative to say about him. our interaction yesterday was 100% positive.
nvygrl Avatar
He saved my life. I had a growth on my neck that I didn’t know was a tumor. Just thought it was a swollen glad that never went down. It started rapidly growing out of no where, and within a couple months it has tripled in size. I was referred to Dr Heiland. He assessed me and ordered surgery for that Saturday because how fast it was growing and it was putting pressure on my artery to my brain. Surgery went perfect and the tumor was removed. He saved my life. Thank you to him and his whole staff. They were all so nice and caring.
John earl Burdick Avatar
John earl Burdick
Not sure about these reviews ? Sure you might have to wait awhile , WHY ? Because he is great , he cares about you . That is positively the truth . He has done surgery on me twice in two years and I’m very happy . Also everyone in that office are very caring about you .thank you all , John earl
Douglas L. Avatar
Douglas L.
5 star rating
Absolutely the best care delivered by an awesome staff. If you want personal and professional, Dr. Heiland is the best choice.

Doug Lonergan
Lori L. Avatar
Lori L.
5 star rating
Great responsive staff.

I had full confidence in Dr Heiland pre and post op.
I would definitely recommend him for any ENT needs.
Ron M. Avatar
Ron M.
5 star rating
The staff is absolutely amazing. Natacia was so helpful and made my experience one I will never forget. I have PTSD and she was so patient and supportive throughout the entire process. I highly recommended This office and staff. Thank yo.
Robert Thomasson Avatar
Robert Thomasson
The staff is always polite, kind, and professional. I’m grateful to be under Dr. Heiland’s care.
Patricia F. Avatar
Patricia F.
5 star rating
Dr. Howard proved to be very comforting and in all ways professional as she went about administering the various parts of my 90 min. balance test. All proved to be a great relief as l had dreaded the test as is normal when one fears the unknown.
Tony Morris Avatar
Tony Morris
This medical group is great and helping my wife get better...
Adriana A. Avatar
Adriana A.
5 star rating
This was the best doctor ever , he is very gentle and caring with you so you can feel at ease after surgery . The office staff is amazing . Totally recommend this doctor office to anyone
Jon C. Avatar
Jon C.
5 star rating
On a five star scale Dr. Heiland and staff are 10's. Professionalism and friendly expertise are but a few of their high points. Blessed to be a patient here.
Marilyn R. Avatar
Marilyn R.
5 star rating
This was my initial visit with Dr Heiland. He was personable and thorough. He took time to address all of my concerns
Bill McCurley Avatar
Bill McCurley
I took my 94 year old mother. PA Bridget Albright is wonderful. She is very through and patient.
Mary O. Avatar
Mary O.
5 star rating
I would highly recommend Scottsdale ENT. After an accidental fall I was aided in my recovery and was so glad I went there. PT Anthony went out of his way and really helped me with my vertigo issues. I will definitely return for their help.
Lynne D. Avatar
Lynne D.
5 star rating
Dr Heiland was the nicest doctor I have ever met! He spent time getting to know a little about me and was very caring.
Rosie Paluch Avatar
Rosie Paluch
I’ve always had excellent care. I’m especially appreciative of Debra and Bridgette. They are the reason I drive from Chandler
Trip B. Avatar
Trip B.
5 star rating
Shea Green provided expert care. My app't was a 9 month follow-up. Shea was very thorough with the exam asking me questions and allowing me to also ask questions to which she provided comprehensive answers. Shea is very knowledgeable, friendly, personable and, professional. She's a lovely lady!
Mert Pekrul Avatar
Mert Pekrul
Excellent care
Chris Avatar
Dr. Heiland has been respectful, honest, and has successfully treated me every time. I'd recommend him to anyone!
Samantha Rourke Avatar
Samantha Rourke
Dr. Heiland did my kiddo’s adenoid and tonsil removal when he was only 4. He was amazing and made sure that my husband and I felt at ease. My kiddo is almost 7 and we still see him when any issues arise. We love Dr. Heiland, he is always very thorough and takes his time.
Mark M. Avatar
Mark M.
5 star rating
Dr MacKechnie is the absolute best. Highly recommended her for your ENT needs. Very personable and truly cares. The rest of the staff is great as well. You won't do any better in the valley.
Heidi Watson Avatar
Heidi Watson
Everyone in this office is professional, caring, pleasant, and friendly. The front desk was being given a very hard time by a "Karen" regarding wearing a mask. Those girls didn't even roll their eyes. They simply handed her 2 masks. I'm not sure I would have handled "Karen" quite as kind. Kudos to all!
Pat Tankersley Avatar
Pat Tankersley
positive review 
I am excited to finally have a diagnosis for my balance problems. I enjoyed working with Anthony as he explained the diagnosis and the therapy that would address my problems. I am looking forward to great results!
Maxine Rosenberg Avatar
Maxine Rosenberg
positive review 
Anthony is skilled. personable and understanding
don't know how I would get through my vertigo without him
David Dudgeon Avatar
David Dudgeon
positive review 
Excellent professional and personal care. Immediate response to requests.
Ralph Castillo Avatar
Ralph Castillo
positive review 
I enjoy all the Dr's, the staff and audiologists!!!! great n very caring!!
Kate Monroe Avatar
Kate Monroe
positive review 
Competent,caring,best of care.
Mark Jackson Avatar
Mark Jackson
positive review 
First time at Dr. Heiland’s ENT practice, referred by my internist, Steven Weisman. Dr. Shea Green looked after me beautifully. She is young, charming and gave me the impression of being super smart.
Merle L. McCann Avatar
Merle L. McCann
positive review 
I’m very impressed with the care I’ve received at Scottsdale ENT. Anthony is super to work with as my therapist. Kudos to all.
Bozena Namysl Avatar
Bozena Namysl
positive review 
Excellent Doctor,love the team
Kay McInnes Avatar
Kay McInnes
I traveled 6 hours for my appointment and the office staff was wonderful. When I came in for my vertigo testing and having a headache they kept asking if I needed anything or if I needed to stop because of nausea they did. They had scheduled my results on the day we were to head home in the afternoon, by the end of my testing they had a cancellation and moved me first thing in the morning so we wouldn't be driving home late at night. I was warned that Dr Heiland doesn't always have the bedside manner everyone want's, but I found him easy to talk to , he listened to my symptoms and gave me a plan to start with even before we started my testing. I followed up with Bridget Albright the PA and she did a great job explaining the results of my tests and what the plan would be. It was well worth the drive to know that my health is in good hands and a plan in place to help me get my vertigo under control.I wish all healthcare offices could be as nice and professional
Jan Hertzfeld Avatar
Jan Hertzfeld
positive review 
Excellent doctor and PA. Top notch!
Michelle Crockett Sisson Avatar
Michelle Crockett Sisson
positive review 
Love the team and their support
Paul Mcg Avatar
Paul Mcg
positive review 
Top notch medical care by Dr. Heiland and his staff. Thank you.
Rich Ladrigan Avatar
Rich Ladrigan
I have been a patient for many years under Dr. Heiland and his staff. I have always received excellent care through all phases of my treatment. Very thorough and courteous.
Jennifer Roman Avatar
Jennifer Roman
Front staff are helpful and nice. ENT staff are professional and kind. Love Dr Debbie AuD.
Michael Rock Avatar
Michael Rock
My exam was very thorough. Physician Assistant and Dr Heiland were very professional, caring and personable. Excellent experience! Highly recommended!
Michael the Rock, MD ( retired )
Dennis Fox Avatar
Dennis Fox
My Dr needed some records from a previous visit. I called and they found and forwarded the results to the other Dr . It was a smooth process. I'll go there again.
Lori Biondo Avatar
Lori Biondo
Greatly enjoyed working with the entire staff at Scottsdale ENT. I especially benefitted from working with Anthony Veglia. Thank you for your support.
Mark Summers Avatar
Mark Summers
I was having vertigo events which culminated with a bad crash on my bicycle in Sept 2021. PA Bridget Albright was able to start testing me for audio and balance and was able to diagnose the issue with my inner ear. She prescribed a change in my diet and to start vertigo physical therapy. Dr Anthony Veglia began a physical therapy regimen focusing on my vertigo symptoms. Within a couple of months of the change in diet and the physical therapy, my vertigo episodes reduced in severity and occurrence. I am totally thrilled with the turn around. I am back to a normal life. Big kudos to the entire team at Scottsdale ENT.
Carolyn Smith Avatar
Carolyn Smith
I was diagnosed with Persistent Postural Perceptual Dizziness that started mid October 2020, diagnosed in January 2021. From spinning on standing to maintaining vertical without falling the majority of the time to being able to return to regular participation in Jazzercise classes 3 times a week took weekly visits to see the PT from February to early November 2021. I’ve now been back on my regular Jazzercising without spinning close to 98% of the time over the last month. Thank you to Dr Samantha Stolper and Dr Cathy Cheng, and then the last 3 months with Dr Anthony Veglia. All worked me hard and always had faith in me for getting back to the functional movement I was seeking. The very best help I could have, and they gave me hope.
Brandon Bethell Avatar
Brandon Bethell
I worked with Anthony Veglia, PT, DPT at Scottsdale Ear, Nose and Throat for balance therapy and he was great. Very knowledgeable, personable and had a genuine desire to help me improve. I would highly recommend using Anthony for any PT needs!
Brenda Helps Avatar
Brenda Helps
Positive experience overall. Anthony Veglia, DPT is patient, knowledgeable and extremely personable.
Bill H. Avatar
Bill H.
5 star rating
Doctor Heiland has been my ear nose and throat physician for 21 years since March of 2000. At that time I was diagnosed with stage 3 advanced squamous cancer of the neck and base of tongue. His aggressive treatment is the main reason that I am alive today
Without his professional and knowledgeable treatment of my cancer I would have died many years ago
His bedside manner is as.good as it gets. I'm grateful he has been my doctor
Bill.Hare Cave Creek AZ
Allison Kartes Avatar
Allison Kartes
Dr Heiland is the most amazing caring Dr I've honestly had the privilege to meet. He saves my life I had stage 4 cancer and he took amazing care of me every step of the way. I'm now 19 years cancer free Thanks to him. I highly recommend Dr Heiland you'll be in good hands.
Mark Manfre Avatar
Mark Manfre
Dr MacKechnie is awsome, the whole staff is great. Highly recommend this office should you have the need.
trevor brennan Avatar
trevor brennan
Dr Heiland and staff are the best! I remember
when Kami was Dr Heiland MA! Dr Heiland save my life in 2001 from a cholesteatoma. I like the audioligists on staff.
Jan G. Avatar
Jan G.
5 star rating
I had my annual ENT appointment today 3/31/21 and I wanted to share what a positive experience it always is. The 2 women at the front desk are always pleasant and professional. Dr. MacKechnie is very thorough and caring and I always look forward to meeting with Debra Hamila, my Audiologist. I have been a patient for over 4 years and cannot say enough about this caring, professional staff.

Janet G., Scottsdale
Bill Hare Avatar
Bill Hare
Doctor Heiland has been my ear nose and throat physician for 21 years since March of 2000. At that time I was diagnosed with stage 3 advanced squamous cancer of the neck and base of tongue. His aggressive treatment is the main reason that I am alive today
Without his professional and knowledgeable treatment of my cancer I would have died many years ago
His bedside manner is as.good as it gets. I'm grateful he has been my doctor
Bill.Hare Cave Creek AZ
Bill H. Avatar
Bill H.
5 star rating
D.Heiland has been my ear nose and throat physician for 21 years since March of 2000. At that time I was diagnosed with stage 3 advanced squamous cancer of the neck and base of tongue. His aggressive treatment is the main reason that I am alive today
Without his professional and knowledgeable treatment of my cancer I would have died many years ago
His bedside manner is as.good as it gets. I'm grateful he has been my doctor
Bill.Hare Cave Creek AZ
Darwin Barnes Avatar
Darwin Barnes
Such a great staff here, hard to find a Christian based office now days. They were so kind to my wife who has a formal of vertigo that on 5% of people get.
Nora W. Avatar
Nora W.
5 star rating
I have been going to Scottsdale ENT for years. Originally I was referred to Dr Heiland. He's an amazing doctor... But he does book up fast, so when I had a issue that I could not wait for him I discovered Dr MACKECHNIE! She is amazing and also very through. I have never had any trouble with the front office. Like All doctors offices they can sometimes get busy, but when I've had an emergency they've always made room for me to get seen.
Dan B. Avatar
Dan B.
5 star rating
I have been here as a patient for nearly 5 years, and they are wonderful to work with. The staff is very careful these days with all patients to ensure there is minimal contact and patients are treated with professionalism and respect. I highly recommend this office!
Deanna J. Avatar
Deanna J.
5 star rating
From the front desk to the assistants to Dr Heiland, everyone is so caring and kind. My choice for anything ENT.
Yvonne P. Avatar
Yvonne P.
5 star rating
I highly recommend Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat. First off, upon arrival, your temperature is taken and distancing in the waiting room is followed. Any staff you come into contact with are friendly and knowledgeable. Waiting time for your appointment is minimal and any required pre testing that can be performed onsite is very thorough and completed by a friendly, knowledgeable professional staff member. The Otolaryngologist I saw, Dr. Kurt Heiland, for throat and ears quickly became a favorite doctor. He was not only kind and gentle, but he performed testing on his own to confirm pre testing results. I was one of the luckier patients. I required no further procedures for my throat or ears. However, I would have been comfortable following any of Dr. Heiland's recommendations . I did purchase a great book he recommended for acid reflux. As previously stated, I highly recommend Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat for any and all your ENT needs.
William S. Avatar
William S.
5 star rating