We Have The Community’s Expert For Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT)

What causes dizziness?

If any of the three different systems related to your balance become compromised, you could experience dizziness or vertigo. These systems include:

Vestibular relating to inner ear function
Vision relating to visual acuity
Somatosensory relating to the system of sensory neurons and pathways, which correspond to changes at the surface or inside the body

Maintaining your balance requires coordination between all three systems working together. When each performs at its best capacity, the brain easily and effectively processes the messages sent from them to control the necessary muscular responses from your body so you can maintain your balance.

How VRT Helps with Dizziness

One in three American adults over age 65 experiences falls leading to serious injury or even death on an annual basis. Dizziness is the third most common complaint heard in physicians’ offices. Because we are committed to addressing our patients’ concerns whether common or unique, we are proud to be the only ENT office in Arizona with an on-site physical therapist.

Our vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) specialist, provides rehabilitative therapy to our dizzy and gait-challenged patients in our state-of-the-art facility.

This unique form of physical therapy targets both the primary and secondary balance problems caused by vestibular disorders. The program is exercise-based with the goal of reducing dizziness and vertigo while correcting gate instability in order to prevent imbalance leading to falls.

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