Does Your Insurance Cover Prescription Hearing Aids?
Let Our Insurance Expert Check for You

One of the most commonly searched hearing care related questions on Google is, “Does my insurance cover hearing aids?” Because different insurance companies and various levels of coverage offer varying levels of benefits to cover hearing care and prescription hearing aids, learning exactly what your insurance covers can be quite a challenge.

To make matters worse, many individuals across the United States fail to use benefits they are entitled to, simply because they are not aware that they are available.

Scottsdale Ear, Nose, and Throat helps save you from the confusion and identifies the exact benefits you can expect to receive by checking your insurance benefits on your behalf. Our insurance experts will contact your insurance provider by using the information you provide in order to find out exactly what you’re entitled to and make sure you receive the maximum benefits available.

Once we’ve done the hard work on your behalf, we’ll contact you with what we find out and invite you for a no-obligation appointment to help you use your benefits toward improving the quality of your hearing health.

To begin the process, complete the form on this page, providing all of the necessary information. We’ll go to work for you and contact you with the information we obtain.

If you prefer to speak to us instead of filling out the form below? Then give us a call at (480) 684-1080.