Whether it’s a distant memory of spinning in the playground as a child, or something as simple as getting up too fast in the morning, we all know what it feels like to be dizzy. Feeling the room spinning can knock you off balance for a while and you may even feel faint or nauseous. Did you know that this feeling can become a regular occurrence as you get older? In fact, around 70% of people aged over 65 experience dizziness and imbalance several times per day.

Age-related dizziness is not a condition, it’s a symptom. Often the cause of it can be treated, or at least helped. If you have a loved one regularly suffering with dizziness and imbalance, we can help to make their lives that little bit better. There is also a lot you can do to help day-to-day.

What’s the cause?

The inner ear is complex and delicate. There are tiny organs inside them which work together to help us stay balanced when we move around. Understandably, as we age, or if we damage our ears, these delicate organs can stop working properly, causing dizziness and imbalance.

What you can do to help

Provide a helping hand and listen. Recurring dizzy spells can be scary for your loved one. They also increase the likelihood of them falling. You can help by installing grab rails around the house and decluttering to make things safer. You can also take time to listen to your loved one’s concerns, so they don’t feel alone or afraid.

It’s important to make sure your relative gets professional medical help. A simple way to find out why they are having problems with dizziness and imbalance is to book them a hearing and balance assessment here at Scottsdale Ears, Nose & Throat. You can come along with them for support. We’ll do some quick and painless tests to get to the bottom of the problem and help you both to understand what’s going on.

Help your loved one take the first step towards resolving their dizziness and imbalance by getting in touch with us here at Scottsdale Ear, Nose and Throat today.





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Dr. Debra L. Hamila, Au.D., CCC/A

Dr. Debra L. Hamila, Au.D., CCC/A

Debra Hamila received her master’s degree in audiology from Cleveland State University and her Au.D. from Arizona School of Health Sciences and has been a practicing audiologist for more than 33 years. She has worked in a variety of ENT offices, hospital and clinical settings.