From Monday, June 22nd, Scottsdale Ear, Nose & Throat will be introducing new COVID-19 protocols.

What you need to know before your next appointment:

  • All patients MUST wear a face mask when entering the building and during their appointment.
  • You no longer have to wait in your car for your appointment, you can now check-in at the office upon arrival
  • If you have experienced a fever or have been around anybody with a fever in the last two weeks, travelled outside of AZ in the last 30 days, have lost taste or smell, or have a cough/sore throat, then please reschedule your appointment.
  • The only person allowed in the office for the appointment is the patient unless the patient is under 18 and then only 1 parent is allowed.

Changes that we are making:

Our team have now been split into a ‘Red Team’ and a ‘Blue Team’ that are in the office on different days without any cross-over, this means that if we ever need to be quarantined, we will continue to have the resource to prioritize patients.

If you have any questions, then please call (480) 684-1080

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Dr. Kurt E. Heiland, MD

Dr. Kurt E. Heiland is a board certified otolaryngologist. Born and raised in Phoenix, Dr. Heiland is a graduate of the University of Arizona Medical School Tucson and completed his residency in otolaryngology/head and neck surgery at Stanford University Medical Center. Dr. Heiland specializes in the treatment of ear, nose and throat issues, applying comprehensive medical care and surgical procedures for both pediatric and adult patients. His specialization also includes head and neck surgery with the Da Vinci robot. He is a member of the Da Vinci Robotic Society and VEDA (Vestibular Disorders Association).