Heart disease is very common in the US. It is estimated that more than 15 million Americans are living with the condition which will affect their lives in various ways. There is a lot of focus on heart disease, its causes, treatments, and the ways in which people who have it can lead normal lives. This commitment to discovery means that we know there is a strong link between heart disease and hearing difficulties.

Your whole body is dependent on blood flow and has the capacity to be affected by heart issues. However, it is the very delicate and sensitive areas, like the inner ear, that are often most vulnerable when it comes to cardiovascular disease. A routine hearing test, such as the type we offer at Scottsdale Ears, Nose & Throat, can pick up these issues.


Why is it important to have a hearing test?

Booking a hearing test with Scottsdale Ears, Nose & Throat means that we can check if you need any hearing support that will help you to have a better listening experience. There are typically two types of patient we come across where we see the link between cardiovascular disease and hearing difficulties – those who are diagnosed and need to monitor their hearing health and those who are, as yet, undiagnosed.

If left unmonitored in patients that are already diagnosed with cardiovascular disease, hearing issues can deteriorate due to restricted blood flow to the ear. Over time, this can become permanent and you may need to seek more extensive solutions to any hearing issues.

A regular hearing test can help detect early signs of cardiovascular disease if you are unaware of any current problems. This is one of the many reasons why you might monitor your hearing levels, even if you do not think there are any issues.

Regardless of where you are health-wise, the team at Scottsdale Ears, Nose & Throat can offer you advice on managing your hearing. We also work with excellent hearing equipment that is designed to integrate seamlessly into your life. This all works alongside your current medical support, to ensure that you have the highest possible quality of life. We keep on top of the developments in hearing health and its connections to other aspects of the body, so that we are always offering you advice that has a positive impact on your life.


Make an investment in your health

Investing your time into getting a hearing test with Scottsdale Ears, Nose & Throat could mean preserving your hearing for longer. Give your body the support it needs to manage the symptoms of your heart condition. Book an appointment with an Audiologist in Scottsdale to take the next step towards better hearing health.

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Dr. Debra L. Hamila, Au.D., CCC/A

Debra Hamila received her master’s degree in audiology from Cleveland State University and her Au.D. from Arizona School of Health Sciences and has been a practicing audiologist for more than 33 years. She has worked in a variety of ENT offices, hospital, and clinical settings.