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In addition to improving your quality of life by restoring relationships and allowing you to enjoy a night out, hearing aids prevent the onset of early cognitive decline as well as help keep you steady on your feet.

Hearing health is a critical part of overall wellness and a richer, independent lifestyle that can see drastic improvement through the use of hearing aids prescribed by an ENT specialist or audiologist.

Arizona’s most trusted ENT care center along with the state’s leading team of doctors are among the many reasons individuals from Sun City, AZ put their trust in Scottsdale Ear, Nose, and Throat.

Our 21-year track record of improving the quality of life for thousands of Valley of the Sun residents continues to flourish, thanks to our expertise and the use of the most advanced technology available.

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REMINDER: Please bring any necessary records, forms, or reports with you to your appointment. These may include: prior ENT surgery pathologies and operative reports, CT or MRI scans, ultrasound reports, new or existing patient forms, or specific forms related to the subject of your appointment.

How We Can Help

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Specialists in Family ENT Health

Our team of doctors at Scottsdale ENT provides expert ENT care to meet the needs of your entire family from its youngest member to its oldest. Although they continue to receive awards for their outstanding service, our doctors just continue to meet the needs of individual patients with the same down-to-earth approach common in our corner of the Southwest.

Many of our doctors and staff are parents, so we recognize the value of putting your children at ease during an office visit. For additional peace of mind, we use a transparent approach to ENT care, educating Sun City parents and patients about the pros and cons of various treatment options so you’re always in the loop.

Man having his neck examined

Award Winning Head & Neck Surgeons Available to Sun City, AZ Residents

Advanced solutions are often necessary to limit or eliminate the discomfort of head or neck pain. When these advanced solutions require surgery, you can rest easy knowing that you are in the capable hands of Dr. Kurt E. Heiland and/or Dr. Cheryl A. MacKechnie, who have been recognized as Arizona’s leading head and neck surgeons for more than 15 years in a row.

A major advantage enjoyed by our patients from Sun City is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are tended to by experts with the most advanced procedures when you undergo head or neck surgery at Scottsdale ENT.

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Trust Our Experts with Your Hearing Health

Like most Americans, you probably push your hearing health down your list of other health priorities until communication with loved ones and friends becomes a struggle. The frustration related to losing track during a conversation during a social event or struggling to hear your significant other during a night on the town can severely limit your ability to enjoy an independent and rewarding lifestyle.

The hearing center at Scottsdale ENT understands the serious mental and physical health consequences related to untreated hearing loss, so we also lead the way in expert hearing care, providing you with access to the best doctors of audiology available in the area. Utilizing highly accurate hearing assessments and the most advanced hearing technology, our hearing care experts make it possible for our Sun City, AZ patients to continue enjoying a higher quality of life.

Physical Therapy assessment

Arizona’s Leading Physical Therapy for Sun City

Vertigo and dizziness are third on the list of complaints doctors hear from their patients nationwide. Critical injuries from falling, due to a loss of balance, are often caused by inner ear or vestibular disorders that are manageable.

Scottsdale ENT stands alone as the only ENT facility in Arizona with state-of-the-art equipment and an onsite physical therapist who specializes in Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT). Applying her expertise by using exercise-based therapies, Dr. Stolper has watched numerous patients with vertigo and gait challenges regain their sense of balance.

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