Perhaps somebody you live with suffers from a hearing loss, so you’re aware of the effects it has on a household. You’re used to the TV blaring out at a higher volume than you’d choose. You’re used to moving around to their stronger ear when you’re saying something important. You’re used to patiently repeating yourself when you are misunderstood or not heard at all. You’re used to answering the phone or the door as nobody else hears it.

However, nobody quite understands it the way that they do. Nothing could quite describe their muffled, isolated, and often confused world fully. However, this new video gives it a good try and provides an insight into the experience of a person with a hearing loss.


Did you find yourself fiddling with the volume controls, even at the mild hearing loss level? How about when it got to moderate? Experiencing a loss of hearing can be frustrating, confusing, and even scary sometimes.

There is good news, however. Technology is advancing at such a rapid rate in the field of audiology (hearing care) that a modern hearing aid can provide effective solutions to the majority of hearing problems.

Here at Scottsdale Ears, Nose and Throat, we operate at the very cutting edge, constantly researching new and innovative devices to improve the hearing of our happy clients.

We are able to customize our wide range of devices to precisely match with the level of hearing loss our clients are experiencing. We will use our extensive expertise to advise on the most suitable hearing aids to suit your needs and lifestyle. If you are a fan of technology, we have hearing aids that connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to just about every digital device you have. If you’re put off by all of the fiddling, we have hearing aids that come with remote controls, or models that auto-adjust to your own personalized settings as you walk around.

Contact us now to arrange a hearing screening for your loved one, or for yourself, and be one step closer to a more comfortable, happier life.

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Dr. Debra L. Hamila, Au.D., CCC/A

Debra Hamila received her master’s degree in audiology from Cleveland State University and her Au.D. from Arizona School of Health Sciences and has been a practicing audiologist for more than 33 years. She has worked in a variety of ENT offices, hospital, and clinical settings.